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Glass Buildings


We provide collateral in the form of gold bullion to facilitate loans, trade financing, and development projects. Once a project is approved, a safe keeping receipt (SKR) is usually issued to the applicant. Our SKRs are issued from global security companies like G4S, Brinks, and Ferrari, or from leading banks (issued with full banking responsibility). We require applicants to provide equity to their projects, typically 10% (depending on the project, size and analytics) in cash and payable at the time an SKR is issued. 

We evaluate asset swops from time to time. Subject to terms and conditions, we would consider swopping gold bullion for real estate, large cap stocks, and other assets. Please email us with your idea or proposal. 

Loans; Lombard Loans

Applicants can utilize our gold guarantees to obtain loans or enhance their balance sheets.

Acquisition financing

Our gold guarantees can be used for merger & acquisition financing. 

Project financing

Including health technology, alternative energy, real estate (development or acquisition) and infrastructure projects. 

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